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IT systems & solutions

Whether you’re keen to source state-of-the-art technology for your healthcare facility or looking for a marketplace of companies of healthcare technology, the IT systems & solutions sector at Arab Health is the perfect avenue for you to do business with leading manufacturers.

Company name Booth number Country
Acorus Calamus CB38 Lithuania
Alreh Medical Sp. z o.o. H4.A59 Poland
Alvi Srl H2.F05 Italy
Anod Teknoloji A.S. S3.F57 Turkey
Apipharma d.o.o. CB155 Croatia
ARENE LIFE SCIENCES Private Limited R.D53 India
ASP GmbH SA.C04 Germany
Aura Herbals Sp. z o.o. H3.C52 Poland
B Braun Melsungen AG H3.E10 Germany
B dot Medical R.E50 Japan
BD S3.C40 United Arab Emirates
Bieffe Italia S.r.l. - Weiko H7.F01 Italy
Bin Ali Medical Supplies LLC H4.F68 United Arab Emirates
Biochem Bernberg GmbH S2.G54 Germany
Blink.Pro Sp. z o.o. R.N32 Poland
B-Medical Systems S.à r.l. H3.B10 Luxembourg
CareFlex Ltd H3.A50 United Kingdom
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG S1.J19 Germany
Cesam Especialidades Farmaceuticas Lda H7.F39 Portugal
Codaco Electronic s.r.o. H7.B70 Czech Republic
CODETE H2.A53 Poland
CV Medica SL H7.E70 Spain
Diagnosis S.A. H2.A30 Poland
Dr. Nutrition LLC H8.E50 United Arab Emirates
Drug Manufacturing Company LLC R.B17 Oman
EMTEL Sliwa Sp. k. H2.A31 Poland
Ethiosmed Drug Store LLC R.D50 United Arab Emirates
Exo-Atlet Global S.A. H3.B10 Luxembourg
Fiterman Pharma SRL R.F38 Romania
G. Samaras S.a. H2.F01 Greece
Globalcare Medical Technology HK Ltd H1.C75 Hong Kong
GOJO Industries Inc CC45 USA
Gokler A.S. / Nitrocare H4.F31 Turkey
Greens Surgicals Pvt Ltd R.R15 India
Hepa Metal Ve San. Tic. Kemal Solyu H7.G02 Turkey
HT Group GMBH S2.A53 Germany
Humble Healthcaare Limited R.D18 India
Huntex Corporation R.M01 Taiwan
Huons Global Co., Ltd. R.A39 Korea
Imperial Middle East LLC H3.G50 United Arab Emirates
Inbody Co. Ltd. S3.C50 Korea
Infinitt MEA S2.B10 United Arab Emirates
Insausti Material Clinico SLU H7.C01 Spain
INVEST IT Sp. z o.o. H2.A16 Poland
Invex Health Private Limited CB72 India
Istanbul ilac Kozmetik Turizm San Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti R.C38 Turkey
JW Holdings Corporation S3.D52 Korea
Kings Global Biotech Ltd. CB96 India
Laboratoire L`IDEAL Parisien Sp. z o.o. H3.C58 Poland
LABORATORIA NATURY Sp. z o.o. H4.A50 Poland
Lactalis International Z2.D13 United Arab Emirates
La-Le Sp. z o.o. H3.C50 Poland
LED Spa CC48 Italy
Lifespan Private Limited R.B72 India
LINET SA.A30 Czech Republic
LIYFE / iConsult Ltd. S1.H10 Malta
Magnacura Pharma Inc R.E10 Mauritius
Malvestio SPA H3.B31 Italy
Manarti Exports R.J56 India
MEDICAL Z Z2.G55 France Sp. z o.o. H3.C59 Poland
Mego Afek S3.E52 Israel
New Country Healthcare Llc R.D10 United Arab Emirates
Optium Medikal Ltd Sti SA.G30 Turkey
ORION Health S3.A50 United Arab Emirates
P.T. Tanalski H2.A13 Poland
Philosys Co., Ltd H4.B59 Korea
Physiomed Trading R.Q01 United Arab Emirates
Pixel Technology Sp. z o.o. H2.A59 Poland
Prodimed Sarl Z2.F53 France
Prodromus S.A. H4.A58 Poland
Pro-PLUS S.A. H2.A55 Poland
PT Budi Parama Medika H8.F05 Indonesia
Rehab Italian Design Co, LTD. CB114 Vietnam
Robinson Pharma Inc H1.A10 USA
Rudolf Riester Gmbh S1.H39 Germany
S2 Projekt Sp. z o.o. H3.C55 Poland
Salvum LAB H3.C51 Poland
Sareen Surgical Products R.J59 India
Saudi Post & logistics (SPL) H7.B15 Saudi Arabia
SB Pharma Ilac Satis ve D?s.Tic. Ltd. Sti. R.G38 Turkey
Schiller AG S3.D10 Switzerland
SciPharm S.a.r.l. H3.B10 Luxembourg
SEFAM Z2.D12 France
Shin Poong Pharm. Co., Ltd R.A35 Korea
Sidas SAS R.D70 France
SMP Canada H3.E30 Canada
Softneta UAB S1.K01 Lithuania
Studio Figura International Sp. z o.o. H2.A19 Poland
Sulinda R.C16 Saudi Arabia
Surgiris SAS H3.F30 France
Telemedica Srl H4.H10 Italy
The Hygenic Company LLC / Performance Health H3.F39 USA
The Surgical Company international BV S3.C58 Netherlands
TLV Healthcare S3.E50 France
Trumedico Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. H3.C53 Poland
UltraVision Medical Equipment Trading S2.E03 United Arab Emirates
UNIPRO Sp. z o.o. H2.A32 Poland
United Surgical Industries R.J58 India
VeHu-Medical GmbH H3.A51 Germany
Visionmed Ltd R.J03 Korea
Vissco Rehabilitation Aids Pvt Ltd R.K04 India
Vitane Pharma GmbH Z3.G70 Germany
Vlad Z2.F59 France
Vocera Communications Mid East FZ-LLC H7.D01 United Arab Emirates
WEMED Z2.E55 France

The IT systems & solutions industry:

The global healthcare IT solutions market will be worth US$228.79 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 13.4 per cent, a recent report found. This growth is attributed to the rising adoption of healthcare IT solutions by healthcare providers to meet regulatory requirements for patient care and safety, increasing need to curtail costs, and growing need to improve healthcare quality while maintaining operational efficiency. The governments and private healthcare providers in the GCC are investing heavily in technology implementation and upgrades. Most of the governments are working on electronic medical records (EMR) to monitor and improve health outcomes. For instance, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) launched a unified electronic system project in February 2016 to cover all hospitals across the Emirate for access to electronic patient records. The project was fully implemented by the end of 2017. According to a survey in hospitals across Saudi Arabia and the UAE, nearly half have adopted a range of Internet of Things-based solutions.

Digitisation is driving the reform of health systems and their transition to new models of patient-centred care, enabling the shift from hospital-centred systems to more community- based and integrated care organisations.

The report gives you an insight into the future of how data will be a crucial enabler of the digital transformation of healthcare and the health and well-being of people on an individual, national, and global scale.

Connected medical devices and the IoMT are pivotal to these shifts to new models.

Chatbots are the simplest pathway for any provider group or healthcare business entity to introduce a new technology into their business processes... read more

The healthcare industry has not been immune to technological transformation, with medical and digital technologies assisting in the mitigation and prevention of both communicable and NCDs... read more

The right application of technology can enhance clinician communication, improve medication safety, reduce potential medical errors and improve the overall patient experience... read more

Hospitals easily compete with shopping malls and high-rise office buildings in size and number of people, yet hospitals are notoriously more difficult to navigate... read more

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